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Based on your needs we will help you to choose the right breed. There are many reasons to select a particular breed like activity level, trainability, and personality that matches your requirement. Generally, Less active breeds are most appropriate for senior citizens, or individuals with a laid-back way of life then choose Chow Chows and Great Danes. Choose German Shepherd if you need a Trainable breed. If you are searching for hunting breeds you must choose Beagles and Dachshunds which are skilled at hunting. Highly active breeds are the most joyful when they're accomplishing something useful like to herd sheep, cattle then choose Sheepdogs and Jack Russell Terriers. Likewise, you can choose your favorite breed from Laika Kennels. 
     You can relax and be assured that your new puppy or dog is coming from a responsible breeder. Contact the best Pet Shops in Bangalore who will give information about whatever the queries you have.
Points to remember about Puppy/dog Care:
Vaccination against Diseases:
Try to bring the puppy home only after eight weeks old. By then it must have had its Original Vaccination against Parvo and other diseases. Emphasize on the immunization record provided by the Vet to the breeder. If it is a dog with a Family insist on the certificate and its direct to your name. Remember to ask questions about the feeding schedule.
Know What to Feed:
Dog food should include the right dimensions of carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals, but it is also very comfortable - no cooking is required.Ready made dry food of high quality is possible in India and if you can afford it, that is the food of preference. On the other hand, you may need commercial arrangements for baby food, as recommended by the breeder. Remember to give the right supplements of Vitamins and Calcium if you are not giving dry food.
House Training
When you bring a new puppy home, most frequently it will not already be housebroken. As with children, the only thing you need to housebreak your puppy is patience and a lot of it. As soon as the puppy has been fed, he should be taken out - puppies frequently free themselves immediately after they eat, and so practicing them our right after eating strengthens the idea that they should only free themselves outside. Children and puppies should perpetually be managed. Never leave them alone with each other.
Children can unknowingly harm dogs by pulling whiskers, tail, etc. To retaliate puppies can unconsciously bite children which you certainly don't want. Whatever behavior you ultimately need from your puppy, you must reinforce from the start. If you don't need the grown-up dog to be allowed in the bedroom, or sit on your living room couches, don't let them do so as puppies. On their first few nights in your house, puppies will be amazed and miss their litter mates, etc. Make sure that they have a nice warm and safe place to sleep in. If you need it, you can sleep near that area for the initial night days. If you don't need them to be in the dining room table - don't feed them while you eat at the table.
Above all, care for your puppy's health. Contact a local vet, and by all means, build a good relationship. Your dog does not require to be ill to see the vet. The vet should examine the dog while he is in good health, so he has something to examine. Make sure you are up to date on the puppy's shots. They can be costly, but then, you decide to pay for them the day you choose to get the puppy. As any dog lover will tell you - puppies are worth every cent you spend on them, and then some more. In order to know more about variety of breeds contact dog kennel dealers. Before buying the puppy/dog don’t go for random seller search for best pet shop in Bangalore.
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